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Digital Technology Specialist
Metro Orthodontics uses state-of-the-art technology to assess and diagnose patients and to create customized care plans for better results and faster treatments. Dr. Taliwal is skilled in an array of digital technology techniques, helping patients in Midtown Manhattan and Long Island City, NY, achieve optimal outcomes at every age.

Digital Technology Q & A

What kind of digital technology does Metro Orthodontics offer?

Metro Orthodontics is committed to providing patients with the most advanced and innovative solutions for alignment, crowding and other issues, including state-of-the-art digital x-rays, cone beam scanning, iTero® Element™ intraoral scanning to diagnose issues and evaluate ongoing treatment and 3-D computer-aided design software to provide a more customized treatment experience that's squarely focused on the individual patient's needs and objectives. Plus, our office also uses electronic medical records to provide quick, secure access to treatment and billing information.

What is the iTero® Element™ intraoral scanner?

Intraoral scanners provide highly-detailed, three-dimensional renderings of a patient's teeth and gums, enabling the orthodontist to obtain vital information about the anatomy of the patient that can help determine the best course of treatment. The iTero® Element™ intraoral scanner uses the most advanced digital scanning technology to obtain clear, sharp and detailed renderings, eliminating the need for invasive impressions that use large molds and sticky composites. The iTero® Element™ is so accurate, it can also reduce the amount of time the patient spends in the orthodontist's chair as well as reduce the number of office visits. Plus, unlike traditional impressions, there's no mess and no gagging.

Are digital x-rays better than “old-fashioned” x-rays?

Yes. Digital x-rays use far less radiation compared to traditional x-rays, and the images they provide can be much more detailed. Plus, they can be viewed on a computer screen to make it easier for patients to understand the issues they're facing as well as make it more simple to understand why specific treatments are being recommended. Digital x-ray results are instant, with no need for chemicals or paper, which also makes them “friendlier” for the environment.

What is cone beam scanning?

Cone beam scanning is a type of computed tomography (CT) imaging system that provides a three-dimensional, 360-degree view of the teeth and surrounding areas for more accurate and effective treatment. Scanning is quick and painless, and it can play an essential role in orthodontic treatment.

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