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Invisalign Specialist

Rita Taliwal, DMD, MS -  - Orthodontist

Metro Orthodontics

Rita Taliwal, DMD, MS

Orthodontist located in New York, NY

Invisalign® is a very popular system for straightening teeth that uses clear plastic trays instead of brackets and wires. Dr. Rita Taliwal is a Platinum Invisalign® Provider, offering the most advanced treatment solutions and highest-quality care for patients at Metro Orthodontics in Midtown Manhattan, NY.

Invisalign Q & A

What happens during Invisalign® treatment?

Invisalign® treatment begins with 3-D scans and models of the teeth to show the alignment issues that need to be addressed. These models are sent to the lab where the Invisalign® aligners are made. Aligners look kind of like the trays used for teeth whitening, but they're much sturdier and they fit the teeth more snugly. The lab uses special software to create another set of models that shows the way the teeth will need to move in order to become aligned. These models are used to create the actual aligners which are worn in a specific order or sequence. During treatment, each aligner is worn for two or three weeks before being “traded” for the next one in the sequence. In most cases, patients are seen in the office every six weeks or so to ensure treatment is proceeding properly. A typical treatment can be completed in less than two years.

What are the benefits of Invisalign® compared to traditional metal braces or other types of braces?

Invisalign® offers several key benefits compared to more traditional braces:

  • The aligners are clear so they're nearly invisible while they're being worn.
  • Aligners are also smooth, with no sharp edges or wires to cause sore spots.
  • They require fewer office visits and treatment usually can be completed much more quickly.
  • They can be removed so it's easier to care for teeth with regular brushing and flossing, and they don't interfere with normal dental treatments.
  • They're also removed for eating, which means there are no dietary restrictions during treatment.

Can I have Invisalign® instead of braces?

That depends. While Invisalign® can be used to correct many types of alignment issues in both teens and adults, it's not always the best choice, and there are some issues where other types of braces are much more effective. During the initial consultation and evaluation appointment, each patient is carefully assessed to determine if Invisalign® is a good option or if another type of orthodontic treatment might be a better choice.

Dr. Taliwal is an Invisalign Preferred Provider and Teen Invisalign provider. Book an appointment with Dr. Taliwal today!

Insurance Policies

Our office accepts all PPO insurance plans. Orthodontic insurance is typically a lifetime benefit that can only be applied once and does not renew annually like your dental insurance does. We are happy to check your benefits for you in advance of any treatment provided and will file all claims on your behalf. We also accept Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts as forms of payment towards your orthodontic treatment plan. If you have any questions in regards to insurance, please give us a call. We are happy to assist you!

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