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Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine Feb 20th, 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered dramatic changes throughout everyday life — and in the medical community as well. Not only are providers across the country postponing elective procedures, but many are also encouraging people to avoid in-office appointments to reduce their risk of exposure to this highly contagious coronavirus.But what...

What the floss?! May 11th, 2023

The science behind flossing your teeth is more than removing the piece of kale from your afternoon salad out of your teeth , it is disease prevention. Along brushing with a fluoride toothpaste twice daily, flossing is known to decrease bio-film, plaque, and debris accumulation. Naturally in the human body...

Good Corporate Citizen: Metro Orthodontics Jan 20th, 2021


When Should Your Child See an Orthodontist and What Should You Ask? Jan 19th, 2021

Click the link below to read the blog: https://nyceast.macaronikid.com/articles/5f9c89ca8e35360a665bd75d/when-should-your-child-see-an-orthodontist-and-what-should-you-ask